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Darth Vader’s Mask Made from Old Machinery

Gabriel Dishaw first got my attention by making athletic shoes from old computer and typewriter parts. Now he sets my heart aflutter with this sculpture of Lord Vader. He’s also made dogs, horses and assorted bird-monsters, which you can find on his website. Link -via Technabob | Artist’s Website

Yelp Strikes Back

Watch out you sneaky Yelpers, the website is now out to get you.  Apparently people have been using Yelp to make a quick buck. Users will rise to the rank of “elite reviewer” then people will pay them to review their place, restaurant, or what have you. Now the website is striking back. Yelp is placing [...]

Beautifully Sculpted Portal Gun

Duncan Shirah makes amazing sculptures, usually out of wood and metal. This 1:1 scale Portal gun is perfect for steampunk adventures. Be sure to check out Shirah’s website, where there’s also a heroic Adventure Time bronze sculpture. Link | Artist’s Website

The World’s Smallest Art Museum

No, it’s not some fly by night operation. Filip Noteradaeme’s Homeless Museum of Art is an established enterprise. Since 2003, it’s appeared at various locations around New York City. The clientele is highly selective–only two people can visit at the same time–so get your tickets ahead of time. Its collection is small, so you’ll have [...]

Gladiator Helmet Made from Gummy Bears

Life in the arena is fast, bloody and short. Protect yourself with this helmet made by gummy bear artist Crummy Gummy. Also, be sure to check his other work at his website, much of which consists of funny scenes acted out by gummy bears. Link -via Walyou | Artist’s Website

Oregon Aurora

Photo: Brad Goldpaint – view more fantastic shots at Brad’s website Photographer Brad Goldpaint captured the northern lights over Crater Lake, Oregon, like you’ve never seen before: [...]

At the Car Wash

It’s best to let your car drip dry on a clothesline for an hour or so after washing. The art collective Generik Vapeur illustrated this at the Flurstücke 011 festival last year in Münster, Germany. Link -via Colossal | Festival Website | Art Collective Website | Photo: Ingeborg


The website Cymbolism wants your input to help establish what colors people associate with words. You’ll be given a word, and you select the color that you most associate it with, from a rather limited selection of colors. Some words are hard to color, like “Brooklyn.” The best part is that your response to each [...]

Artist Draws Two Portraits Simultaneously

(Video Link) Xiaonan Sun is a self-taught artist who specializes in charcoal and pencil portraits. He’s so good that he can draw two people at the same time, one with each hand. I hope that this video doesn’t give Alex a terrible idea about how to double productivity at Neatorama. Artist’s Website and YouTube Channel -Thanks, Jacob [...]

Oreo Sunglasses

You will totally rad in these 80s-style sunglasses made by Phil Jones. You won’t be able to see, but you will be seen. Jones’s Website -via Bit Rebels | Previously by Phil Jones: Miniature Tire Swing