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Look Who’s Coming to Breakfast!

There are only a few hundred Rothschild giraffes alive today. Several of them live at Giraffe Manor, a resort in Kenya. There, guests can get a close look at them–and vice versa. The resident giraffes are comfortable sticking their heads through open windows to see what guests are doing. You can view more photos of [...]

Stained Glass Watertower

This beautiful work illuminating the Brooklyn skyline is artist Tom Fruin’s collection of plexiglass recycled from buildings and projects around New York City. It won’t hold water, but it does come with access ladders and a functional roof hatch. Link -via Gizmodo | Artist’s Website | Photo: Robert Banat

At the Car Wash

It’s best to let your car drip dry on a clothesline for an hour or so after washing. The art collective Generik Vapeur illustrated this at the Flurstücke 011 festival last year in Münster, Germany. Link -via Colossal | Festival Website | Art Collective Website | Photo: Ingeborg

Baseball Fan Has Caught 5,800 Balls in the Stands

Zach Hample is a ballhawk: someone who tries to catch baseballs hit or thrown out into the stands. But that doesn’t say enough. Zach Hample is the ultimate, professional ballhawk. He’s caught more than 5,800 of them because he studies the layout of ballparks, the stand-throwing habits of particular players, and ways of presenting himself so [...]

Floating Movie Theater

I assume that the projection stand and the screen are anchored into the ground, but otherwise Ole Scheeren’s temporary movie theater off the coast of Thailand rocked with the waves. A recent film festival used it for private viewings. What would you want to watch at this theater? Titanic? Spongebob Squarepants? Waterworld? Link | Architect’s Website [...]

Teddy Bear Skin Rugs

No, Fuzzy, noooooo! Yes, unfortunately. Fuzzy took the trapper’s bait and is now decorating a floor. Agustina Woodgate reminisced on her own childhood by making rugs from many stuffed animals. You can find more pictures and a video at the link. Link -via Nerdcore | Artist’s Website | Photo by the artist Previously by this artist: Castle [...]

Paintings in Wine

Elisabetta Rogai isn’t the first painter to use wine, but she may be the first to make it work. The challenge is that the color of wine changes over time, sometimes in unplanned and unpleasant ways. But Rogai found that adding flour to the wine helped and has been using the mixture ever since. View [...]

Animal Ribbons

These would be perfect toppers for children’s Christmas presents! For a project dubbed “Ribbonesia”, an artist named Baku Maeda arranged ribbons so that they look like different animals. Link -via Dude Craft | Artist’s Website | Photo: Kei Furuse

Eisriesenwelt: The Largest Ice Cave in the World

The Eisriesenwelt is an enormous cave system south of Salzburg, Austria. It’s forty-two kilometers long, the first kilometer of which is covered in wondrous ice formations. The cave is open to visitors during the summer, so visit if you’re in the area. Check out more pictures at the link. Link -via American Digest | Official Website [...]

Relief Sculptures Made from Thousands of Drinking Straws

Korean artist Sang Sik Hong makes lovely curved sculptures by arranging thousands of drinking straws of varying lengths. He’s especially fond of depicting lips which, from a distance, appear to be carved from marble. Link -via NotCot | Artist’s Website | Photo: Zanthi