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Touch Effects

If you’re still off work for the holidays and need to kill some time, the web toy Touch Effects may just eat up more of your day than you thought possible! Once you get tired of just dragging the colors around, you can adjust the parameters for an even stranger effect. Link -via mental_floss

A Great Idea For A Geek Girl’s Night In

If you’re into geeky shoes, then you know there are plenty of great designs around the web. That’s precisely what inspired Amy Ratcliffe to throw a shoe decorating party with all of her gal pals. From Star Wars to superheroes to Game of Thrones, these clever and crafty gals have designed tons of great shoes [...]

17 Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else

“Bladorthin the Grey” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Gandalf the Grey,” does it? Good thing J.R.R. Tolkien decided to do some name swapping. Turns out he’s in good company: here’s the story of Gandalf and other famous characters who experienced an identity change before publication. 1. The only Pevensie child [...]

Why Don’t Spiders Get Stuck in Their Webs?

Image credit: Stockbyte When a bug flies into a spider web, the game is over. It’s almost instantly stuck, and a sitting duck for the web’s owner. When you or I walk into a web, we’re a little better off than the bug because we won’t be dinner, but the sticky strands of web are still [...]

The Evolution of the Web

The Evolution of the Web is an interactive graphic that plots the timelines of various browsers, codes, and components of the internet, from 1991 to 2012. Click on a stream to get more information about whatever it represents. This screenshot is just a small portion of the large graph. Link -via Simply Left Behind

Where the Web Was Born

Andrew Evans of National Geographic Traveler went to Switzerland to visit the place where the World Wide Web was born. It was at CERN that Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau sent the first “page” through the internet, using hypertext transfer protocol (http). Evans took a tour, which concentrated on the facility’s large hadron collider. He [...]

How Much Data is Created Every Minute

The web is a busy place, and to tell us exactly how busy, Josh James of Domo shows us this infographic of how much data is created every minute on the Interweb: Link  

The End of Résumés

It used to be that composing a quality résumé and wearing pants to a job interview were critical to a successful job hunt. But that’s changing. Well, one of them is. Hiring managers are increasingly looking toward applicants’ web presence to gauge what they have to offer: Instead of asking for résumés, the New York venture-capital [...]

What Happens To Your Body After Death? Ask A Mortician!

(YouTube Link) This entertaining and insightful web series by mortician Caitlin Doughty answers the questions we are afraid to ask, or never really wanted to know, in case the answers make us even more afraid of death. In episode 5 she answers what happens to our bodies in space, if cremating a larger person creates a grease [...]

Wake Up and Smell the … Internet?

Meet Olly, a "web connected smell robot" that converts tweets, Facebook notifications, RSS feeds – whatever you want – into smells: Olly has a removable section in the back which you can fill with [...]