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Touch Effects

If you’re still off work for the holidays and need to kill some time, the web toy Touch Effects may just eat up more of your day than you thought possible! Once you get tired of just dragging the colors around, you can adjust the parameters for an even stranger effect. Link -via mental_floss

Cat Bounce

If you’ve ever had the urge to drop a cat to see if it bounced, but you don’t want to hurt the animal, here’s a web toy for you! Click, drag, release, smile. Link -via Metafilter

Carnival Bateria

You might not be able to fly down to Rio for Carnival, but you can hear and feel a “bateria,” a samba school drum section, in this web toy from Brazil. Enjoy the rhythm, or toggle on and off the sections to hear how each instrument sounds: shaker, cuica, agogo, tambourine, snare drum, repique, and [...]


This little web toy does different things depending on your choices. The story, as nonsensical as it is, will come around to the beginning in case you’d like to make different choices and see what happens the next time. Link -via b3ta

Zap the Internet with Asteroids

With this web toy (also known as a Javascript bookmarklet), you can turn any website into your own game of Asteroids. Drag the script to your toolbar, then activate it to begin shooting stuff on the page. You can see how I vaporized our Neatobot! Not that I would ever advocate doing that, but I [...]