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New Fan Made Star Trek Web Series

(YouTube Link) This is episode 1 of a new fan made Star Trek web series, and aside from some audio syncing difficulties and some minor technical imperfections it looks pretty good! Watch episode 1- Secret Voyage, and see if you’ll be tuning in for the rest of the webisodes in this voyage across space…the final frontier. –via Geek [...]

Rejected Pitches For E.T.

(YouTube Link) This goofy little comedy video is part of a web series called Rejected Pitches, and this episode focuses on Spielberg and some studio execs sitting around talking about E.T. After watching this video I’ll never think of that wrinkly little brown alien with the glowing finger the same way ever again! –via Geek Tyrant

Boys Minute Starring Will Arnett

(YouTube Link) Actor and comedian Will Arnett is looking to inspire a new generation of boys to grow up and become manly men through sports, video games and attitude. Here’s part one of his new web series Boys Minute, which was produced by Smart Girls, so you know that behind every good man is a great gal! –via [...]

Elders React To Nyan Cat

(YouTube Link) Elders React To… is an adorable new web series by The Fine Brothers that shows senior citizens commenting and reacting to viral videos. This is one hip trip to the old folks home, and these seniors don’t hold back when asked how they feel about Nyan Cat, or how much grass people must have to [...]

Inspector Spacetime Needs You!

The man pictured here is Inspector Spacetime, or rather, the actor who plays the fictional Inspector on a fictional show created for the cult hit TV show Community. He’s supposed to be an alternate version of Doctor Who, and characters Troy and Abed from Community are huge fans of the fictional space-time detective. Are you lost [...]

What Happens To Your Body After Death? Ask A Mortician!

(YouTube Link) This entertaining and insightful web series by mortician Caitlin Doughty answers the questions we are afraid to ask, or never really wanted to know, in case the answers make us even more afraid of death. In episode 5 she answers what happens to our bodies in space, if cremating a larger person creates a grease [...]

Fashion Trend: Extremely Pointy Boots

(Video Link) And by “extremely”, I mean points about 2-7 feet long extending beyond the toes. This video, which is voiced in Spanish but subtitled in English, is from the web series Behind the Seams. It describes the emerging Mexican fashion trend of wearing boots with very long points, which is closely affiliated with the Tribal [...]