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Tropical Storm James T. Kirk

On Sunday, the US National Weather Service predicted the demise of then Tropical Storm, now Hurricane Kirk. Oh, NWS. Like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target. Link -via Theresa Coleman

Why Does Bad Weather Aggravate Old Injuries?

Reader Jen wrote in to ask, “Why do old injuries ache during crummy weather?” “Oh, my bones are aching. It must be about to rain.” – Everybody’s grandpa, ever. The idea that certain aches and pains correspond with, and can even predict, the weather is widespread, and has been around since at least the days of ancient [...]

Snowmobile Chopper

Weather is no obstacle or excuse for the committed motorcyclist–even the extremes of Antarctic weather. That’s why Bob Sawicki and Toby Weisser, two mechanics at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, built this chopper-style snowmobile from scraps four years ago: “This is what McMurdo is throwing away,” Sawicki proudly pointed out to a visitor gawking at the heavy-framed snowmobile. [...]

Storms on the Sun

We have seen a couple of solar flares this year that gave us beautiful auroras in areas that don’t normally see such lights. But that was nothing compared to the coronal mass ejection known as the Carrington Super Flare in 1859. That night there was scarcely a square inch of earth that was not illuminated by [...]

Seaweed rains down over UK street

Berkeley residents were left perplexed when large amounts of seaweed started to rain down from the sky. Weather experts believe that a freak twister w…

Prince Charles, Weatherman

And he ain’t bad, either (at least he’s not invisible!): Against a backdrop of the BBC’s weather map, Prince Charles delivered a specially written script which included references to royal residences [...]

What Female Comic Characters Wear in Cold Weather

Sure a leafy bathing suit is sexy, but it’s not exactly comfortable in the cool weather. That’s why Hanie Mohd has given some of the most famous ladies of comics new costumes that are a lot more comfortable for chilly seasons. Link Via io9

Weather Monsters

A weather map from yesterday shows Godzilla eating Iowa while Mothra (or is it Rodan?) zooms in from the Pacific Northwest. We are all doomed! Link

Can animals predict the weather ?

Are animals better at predicting what the weather is going to be like than the Met Office ? For centuries birds and animals have been observed as a wa…

Impossible Worlds Created By Photo Manipulation

Stark landscapes populated with impossible combinations of wildlife, vulnerable humans and ominous weather-these images are the stuff of dreams if you live on the dark side, beautifully photographed and digitally manipulated by artist Sarolta Ban. Check out the gallery, its full of images that seem like they were shot on location at the edge of [...]