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Secret WWII ‘tsunami bomb’ project revealed

A secret project during World War II sought to develop a way to use tsunamis as a deadly weapon. Known as ‘Project Seal’, the weapon would have been u…

Man Catcher

This terrifying-looking weapon of German origin was used to jerk riders off horses: Man catchers were used in Europe in the late 1700s during times of war. The terrifying collar pulled riders off horseback. In peacetime, it is thought the device may have caught and held escaped prisoners. Link | Photo: Science Museum of London

Combination Knuckleduster/Pistol

Think of this unusual weapon as a simplified but possibly sturdier Apache. Its origin is unknown, but it was probably made in Europe in the Nineteenth Century. It can fire a 5mm rimfire cartridge. The hammer is on the right and the trigger on the left below the barrel. Link | Photo: icollector

New weapon fires waste at enemies

A weapon system that fires a soldiers’ own biological waste products at enemies has been patented. Invented by Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov, the weap…

12-Shot Repeating Flintlock Rifle

This unusual weapon was designed by Isaiah Jennings of New York in 1821. Unlike most rifles of the time, the user didn’t have to reload after each shot: The multi-shot rifle illustrated takes twelve individual, superposed loads of powder and ball, one on top of each other, and is fitted with twelve individual touchholes, each with [...]

Baltic anomaly – is it a Nazi secret weapon ?

Some scientists believe the anomaly could be a WWII weapon designed to thwart enemy submarines. Consisting of a concrete base covered in wire mesh, th…

The Liberator Pistol

The FP-45 pistol was a small and specialized but potentially terrifying weapon. Technologically, it was simple: it fired just a single .45 caliber bullet down an unrifled barrel. It was so cheap that the United States could afford to manufacture hundreds of thousands of them and airdrop them over Nazi-occupied territory. The plan was that [...]

Real Life Kabuto Slingshot Spear From One Piece

(YouTube Link) One Piece is officially the most successful anime series ever, so it’s no surprise that custom toy weapon builders would want to bring some of the props from this series to life. The Slingshot Channel decided to make a Kabuto, a slingshot spear, for themselves in order to test its feasibility as a deadly [...]

Bicycle-Mounted Chainsaw

Yes, you might be able to fight zombies with this weapon. But I think it’s better suited for neighborhood jousting. Who can afford a horse and and armor? Those things are expensive. Just strap your chainsaw onto your bike and charge. -via DVICE | Photo: unknown

3-in-1 Anti-Zombie Weapon Includes Skull Ejector

(Video Link) The greatest problem with using a puncture-based weapon against zombies is that it may become lodged in the skull of your undead foe. That’s a problem that J├Ârge Sprave, maker of the sawblade-firing slingshot, the pump-action slingshot, and the Gatling-gun slingshot has now solved. His weapon includes a standard slingshot on one end, and [...]