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An Apt Description

I guess that’s one way of looking at the story. Are we sure this movie is okay for children to watch? -via Criggo

25 Best Not-So Christmas Ads

Christmas oriented advertising has gone from traditional and conservative to wild and crazy over the years, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Here’s a collection of not-so traditional Christmas ads to fill your holidays with ho-ho-hos and give you a new perspective on the one they call Claus. Link

It’s Not Wise to Upset A Wookie With An Empty Stocking

Better remember to fill this stocking all the way up on Christmas Eve because wookies aren’t exactly happy when their stockings are left empty. On the upside, there’s nothing like a giant, appreciative wookie hug on Christmas morning. Link

Portraits Of People Who Look Alike But Aren’t Related

We come across people all the time who remind us of someone we know or look familiar to us in some way, and it turns out that’s because a lot of people look alike whether they’re related or not. This series of portraits by Canadian photographer Francoise Brunelle is full of people who bear a striking [...]

Jack Russell Terrier Towing Baby On A Sled

(YouTube Link) Here’s a good way to put a Jack Russell terrier’s abundant energy reserves to use- have the little guy tow your kiddo through the snow on a sled. Just make sure the youngster is properly padded from head to toe, because if the dog happens to spot a squirrel your kid may be in for [...]

Egg Cooked Inside a Potato

Sara Wells has a great way to make eggs and potatoes elegant. First, bake the potatoes. Then hollow them out, add eggs, bacon bits and cheese. Then bake them again to have delicious eggs cooked right inside. Link -via Justine Kaempfer

Director Christopher Nolan Discusses Making His First Film, Following

Last night, director Christopher Nolan visited the IFC Center in New York City to screen his own restored print of his first film, Following. After showing the film (as well as one of his early shorts, Doodlebug), Nolan and incoming Village Voice film critic Scott Foundas discussed the film’s restoration, the challenges behind making Following—and [...]

A Look Beyond the Turkey: A Brief History of Thankfulness and Harvest

The Thanksgiving holiday Americans will celebrate tomorrow is based on a historical feast from 1621. However, the idea of expressing gratitude for a bountiful harvest with a celebration is an idea that goes way back -probably as far back as agriculture itself. Geeks Are Sexy takes a look at some of the ancient harvest festivals [...]

Rikku Doesn’t Like Walks

Rikku doesn’t like to walk. My dog is the same way. Unlike Rikku though, he loves to run. He is either standing still – sniffing some poop, or sprinting ahead full speed. If only he were a little bit more like Rikku. -Via Daily of the Day

Spaghetti Measure

Spaghetti Measure – $7.95 Are you hungry for a more accurate way to measure out your pasta? You need the Spaghetti Measure from the NeatoShop. This great plastic flip book allows you to easily measure out 1,2,3 or 4 servings of uncooked spaghetti. The Spaghetti Measure is fantastic way to get kids involved and excited about [...]