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A Modern Take On The Classic Lava Lamp

Designer Merve Kahraman has created an updated version of the classic Lava Lamp, and this time the wax is flowing fluid-free. He calls it the Revitalizer, and it looks like a big old waxy mess in the making! Wax heated by a high voltage bulb up top drips into the cup below, and when the whole thing [...]

The Missing Links: The Science of Anti-Social Traveling

This Thing Is Gonna Be Huge Well, maybe not, but this PBS exploration of viral videos is interesting nonetheless. * Is This A Full Flight? The answer to that question can make or break your day. Standup comics have made jokes about talkative strangers on planes for years. We’ve all held our breath and prayed that the person walking [...]

Protect Your Data Old-School Style

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always found the idea of wax seals being used to ensure privacy to be rather romantic. Unfortunately, as we are becoming increasingly technological, use of these types of antiquities is becoming more and more rare. But the new Top Secret USB combines modern functionality and vintage sensibilities [...]

Embroidered Wine Stains

Amelia Harnas carefully and repeatedly stained fabric with wine using a wax resist dyeing technique. Then she embroidered highlights onto the fabric, creating lovely and unique portraits. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Pencil Color Crayon Art of Painting Artist By Christian Faur

Clip At first glance these pictures look like nothing more than pixelated photographs but closer inspection reveals the images are actually created using thousands of wax crayons. Bored with paint and pencils, inventive artist, Christian Faur, turned to the childhood favourite for inspiration after seeing his young daughter using them. Christian, from Granville, USA, starts each [...]

Melted Candle Wax Lampshade

(Video Link) The Impossible Lamp is a work of craft and film by Jeeves Basu. It begins with a large wax candle sitting atop a clear plastic lampshade. Basu and his team had the difficult task of melting the wax so that it would drip over the mold, but cooling it before it could drip off. [...]

Turtle Wax

I don’t know what’s really going on in this picture, but “turtle wax” was my first reaction. Link -via Buzzfeed

Enter the Chamber of Horrors: Madame Tussaud

The subject of our final post for our week of women is Marie Grosholtz (1761-1850), although you probably know her as Madame Tussaud. The French-born, Swiss-reared Grosholtz was a wax model prodigy – she made her first wax figure (Voltaire, above left) at the tender age of 17. (Her life is so interesting we had [...]