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Synchronized Flushing of One Million Toilets Planned in Zimbabwe

Severe drought conditions in Zimbabwe have caused a number of issues for larger cities, including blocked sewers (thanks to dry supply dams). To help alleviate the stinky situation, the city of Bulawayo has adopted an interesting strategy: synchronized flushing. Bulawayo City Council has asked its more than 1 million residents to flush their toilets simultaneously at [...]

Drought’s Effect on Groundwater as Seen From Space

When most people think of drought, they probably think of dead and dry vegetation – you know, things that are above ground. But data from the twin NASA satellites of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) [...]

We Should Ban Life Jackets & Other Flotation Devices

Text from the poster above: We Should Ban Life Jackets & Other Flotation Devices They only encourage risky behavior. The only 100% effective way to prevent drowning is total abstinence from going in the water. And if you do, [...]

The Missing Links: Just Say No to the Squirt Gun Flamethrower

The Arm of the Law Really Is Quite Long It reaches five decades backward in time. And all for a lousy dime. * Squirt Gun Flamethrower Just Sounds Like a Bad Idea An awesome idea. But a bad idea all the same. Check out that and other deadly DIY items you need to avoid. * Running a Car on [...]

The Toilet Water Dish

The Toilet Water Dish – $24.95 Are you on the hunt for the perfect water dish for your pampered pooch? You need the Toilet Water Dish from the NeatoShop. This hilarious dog water bowl is made of ceramic and uses a regular 2-liter soda bottle (not included). It makes the the perfect gift for your favorite [...]

Are we headed for a vegetarian future ?

Global food and water shortages could force the world’s population to turn vegetarian by the year 2050. As the population heads towards 9 billion, lea…

Water Wigs

Photographer Tim Tadder of Los Angeles, California, sure knows how to make a splash. He’s discovered the simple formula for an “exploration into water weirdness” with the use of water balloons. Now, all he needed was a few baldies: Water Wigs is a dynamic set of images using exploding shaped water balloons lit with a triad [...]

The Mississippi River: The Backbone of America

The Mississippi River has been providing water, transportation, and blues songs to us for hundreds of years. The river was essential in building trade, agriculture, and settlements in the United States. And it continues to be crucial in ways we rarely think about. In combination with the Missouri River, which flows into the Mississippi, it’s [...]

Water Light Graffiti

(Vimeo Link) This water activated LED light installation was created by Antonin Fourneau, and it looks like it would be fun to mess around with on a hot summer day! The LED are “illuminated by the contact of water. You can use a paintbrush, a water atomizer, your fingers or anything damp to sketch a brightness message [...]

Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle

Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle – $39.95 (sold individually) Being a pirate is thirsty work. Make sure you stay properly hydrated with the Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle from the NeatoShop. This fantastic water bottle is perfect for taking on wonderful adventures in search of buried treasure.  The Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle is proudly handcrafted by [...]