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Water Wigs

Photographer Tim Tadder of Los Angeles, California, sure knows how to make a splash. He’s discovered the simple formula for an “exploration into water weirdness” with the use of water balloons. Now, all he needed was a few baldies: Water Wigs is a dynamic set of images using exploding shaped water balloons lit with a triad [...]

High Speed Photography and Water Balloons

Photographer Ryan Taylor uses water balloons and strobe lights to create some amazing pieces of high speed photography. This lovely image was made with skim milk and food coloring. Link via This Is Colossal

Edward Horsford’s Popped Water Balloons

Edward Horsford takes photographs of water balloons being popped. The results create the impression of water hanging in midair: “My camera is really the least important part of the shots,” Horsford writes in an e-mail. The trick seems to be in the timing of the flash. He sets a timer on his camera to take a [...]