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Skull Watch, c. 1640-1650

This spooky watch, which measures under two inches across, was made by Swiss watchmaker Isaac Penard (1619-1676). If I had one, I’d love for people to ask me for the time just so I could see their reactions when I pull it out. Link -via Anachronistic Exploration | Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Lead Guitarist for Anthrax Is Now a Master Watchmaker

For twelve years, Dan Spitz was the lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Anthrax. Then he decided to switch careers. Spitz became a watchmaker. And not just any watchmaker, but a master of the craft educated at one of the finest watchmaking academies in the world. John Reardon interviewed Spitz about his career change and [...]

How Hourglasses Are Made

Machinery, glass and fire – this video by Philip Andelman of how watchmaker Ikepod makes wonderful hourglasses has got it all. Take a look over at Random-Good-Stuff, you won’t regret it: Link [embedded YouTube clip]