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Photoshopped Image Of Russian Patriarchate

Apparently, the Russian Orthodox Church doesn’t want the world to know that they’re shot callers and big ballers, so they decided to manipulate the image above in order to remove the $30,000 watch from the Patriarchate’s wrist. Russian knowledge of Photoshop must not be up to snuff, because they forgot to remove the reflection of the [...]

Short People

Watch an adorable video of a class of 4-year-olds performing Randy Newman’s song “Short People” at the Sullivan School in Seoul, South Korea. They were supposed to sing this song with frowning faces, but they had a hard time keeping the smiles down! The video is at NeatoBambino. Link

A Sweater Wearing Opossum Shredding It On A Snowboard

(YouTube Link) Shaun White had better watch out for Ratatouille the snowboarding opossum, because if this little guy learns how to grind the halfpipe or drop a backflip 360 off a ramp his power of adorableness coupled with his snow shredding skills will make him the new king of winter sports. –via The Daily What

The Death And Return Of Superman-A NSFW Fan Film With Epic Cameos

(YouTube Link) I’m pretty sure the only way a fan film can have this many celebrity cameos packed into one short film is if the fan in question is John Landis’ son Max, with co-collaborator Bryan Basham on hand to keep all that Hollywood cred from going straight to his head. Watch as Max and Bryan, and [...]

Extraordinary Inventions: Victorian-Era Prank Machines

“QUANTUM SHOT” #751Link – article by Julia Suits Creators of these pranks were America’s original hi-tech geeks of the new electric age. You will remember our hilarious serious Weird Inventions by Guys; this time we give you a treat from Julia Suits, author of the “The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions” (None of this material has appeared [...]

Hand-drawn Flowers

(YouTube link) Watch Paul Alexander Thornton draw flowers with ballpoint pens, watercolors, and ink. This piece took three weeks, but that’s condensed into three minutes and change in the video. Thornton also wrote and performed the music!


(YouTube link) Watch the video to see Sugru display its potential to hack everyday items (and make fine art sculptures using toasters too.) The company website has some interesting suggestions for using the claylike substance, such as attaching an umbrella to the side of a lawn chair. Link -via Design Sponge | See it used to make [...]

King of Legoland 80s Toys Flashback

Watch on Vimeo. Watch some of the most memorable toys from the 1980s turn into each other, including the beloved Transformers and Nintendo cartridges. Today’s Bratz dolls have nothing on marbles. -via Colossal

Smash Bros. Get Their Hands Dirty

Watch what happens when the Smash Bros.  take notes from Mortal Kombat on how to finish their opponents, with a FATALITY! Cute, bloody, and starring some of the most beloved video game characters of all time, this is my kind of vid! Link -via GeeksAreSexy

Axe-Wielding Bird

(YouTube link) Watch out for this angry bird! He’s got an AXE and he knows how to use it! Will nothing stop him? -via Buzzfeed