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Bees Make Blue and Green Honey Thanks to Nearby M&M’s Waste Processing Plant

It looks like a rack of homemade candles, but the image above is actually of honey produced by bees in France. The weird coloration started showing up in August, and beekeepers were stumped. A bit of detective work revealed that the cause wasn’t very far from home. The bees around the town of Ribeauville in the [...]

New weapon fires waste at enemies

A weapon system that fires a soldiers’ own biological waste products at enemies has been patented. Invented by Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov, the weap…

Hungary’s Red Sludge Disaster Zone Two Years Later

There’s a section of Hungary known as the red sludge disaster zone, where the land was ravaged by toxic waste in 2010 and now looks like a surreal martian landscape devoid of human life. The photos in this series were taken by Palíndromo Mészáros for American Photo, and they capture the colorfully barren nature of the ruined [...]

Only Dog Poop Can Go Into This Trash Can

Ben Koros describes the design challenge: The biggest problem with dog waste disposal cans is, that they fill up on domestic rubbish way before time – thus even responsible dog owners can’t dispose their pet’s waste. His simple but clever solution was to place a curve into the lid so that poop-filled plastic bags could fit [...]

Why Is the Mob Often Tied to the Garbage Industry?

I know I’m only about a decade late, but I recently, finally, watched the entire run of The Sopranos. Tony and his crew get their hands into plenty of different moneymaking schemes, but throughout the series one character or another (Tony, Richie Aprile, Ralph Cifaretto) is involved in solid waste management. What makes trash collection [...]

Even The Trash Cans Are Getting A Makeover For The 2012 Olympics

The future of waste receptacle technology is here, and it has an LCD screen that can tell you how your stocks are doing today, how long it will take you to get home on public transit, and what the weather looks like for tomorrow. It’s bombproof, offers a free Wi-Fi  connection, and it appears that the [...]

Clean Up the Ocean by Breeding Vast Herds of Sea Cucumbers, Then Eating Them

Scientists in Britain — wait, I mean the United Kingdom — propose to breed sea cucumbers in large numbers. These animals will eat the waste off the ocean floor and can then be sold as a food product: It breathes through its anus, can liquefy its body and acts as the waste collectors of the seabed. [...]

For the Good of the Earth, Please Drink More Whisky

Distilling whisky results in waste products, namely pot ale left in the copper stills and spent grains. Scottish scientists have now developed a means to convert this waste matter into a useful biofuel: It can be used in conventional cars without adapting their engines. The team also said it could be used to fuel planes and [...]

Could Retired Space Shuttles Be Used as Space Stations?

When the space shuttle program shuts down, the orbiters will be sent to museums. Would it be more cost-effective to recycle them as space stations? Bjorn Carey of Popular Science says no. First, shuttles only carry about 14 days worth of power. But a larger problem would be refitting them so that they’d be habitable [...]