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Animated Short – The Big Eating

(YouTube Link) The Brood Princess is hungry, so a few industrious little aliens hit that buffet counter known as Earth to find her the perfect meal, in episode 2 of Invageddon called “The Big Eating”. This animated short delivers plenty of laughs, and the style reminds me of the video game series Alien Hominid, so it’s a [...]

You Have Woken Up In A Dark Room-What Do You Do?

(YouTube Link) This ridiculous video by YouTuber ThatsMrRobertson pays homage to the old Choose Your Own Adventure book phenomenon of the 1980s but adds a modern twist-viewers get to choose their video fate via link choices, which he has updated three times this month alone! It’s a fun waste of time, a few of the choices are [...]

Crazy Canstruction Creations

Most people take shopping displays for granted, but the artists who compete at Canstruction competitions show just how awesome these stacks of groceries can be. If you’re one of the naysayers who thinks it’s a waste of time, there’s more going on at this contest than the math and art skills it takes to make these [...]