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I Need a Name

There’s a woman who’s going to be contributing to our site. She’s quite good and I’m quite excited. When she asked if she could write under an alias, I wasn’t sure. Then I remembered “Miss Cellania” is not a birth name and decided it was OK. But I had one condition—we get to name her. That’s too [...]

Need: Stackable Tetris Lamp

As if the completed puzzle wasn’t cool enough, the fact that they are individual bricks that actually light up when connected to other bricks makes this lamp incredible. This means you can rearrange it every day if you want. On the downside, it won’t be available for sale until September. Link Via Geekosystem

Another Awesomely Geeky License Plate

While this one wasn’t on the Mental Floss list of geeky license plates I linked to earlier this week, the great thing about this plate is that it actually takes into account the vehicle model as well. Link Via Geekologie

Attack of the Killer B-Movies!

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, big-budget movies were classy affairs, full of artful scripts and classically trained actors. And boy, were they dull. Then came Roger Corman, the King of the B-Movies. With Corman behind the camera, motorcycle gangs and mutant sea creatures filled the silver screen. And just like that, movies became a [...]

Stitched Head Necklace

You’d lose your head if it wasn’t stitched on. Thankfully, Kerri McAlprin has solved that problem with this clever necklace. Link -via The Mary Sue

6 Famous Firsts That Weren’t Firsts At All

We all know the inspiring story of Charles Lindbergh being the first person to fly across the Atlantic, but as it turns out, he’s only the first person to do it by himself. In fact, eight years before he made the flight, two British men completed the same journey. And that’s not the only incorrect first [...]

Walt Disney’s Secret Tragedy

Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but the man behind it wasn’t. Behind the popular movies, the theme park empire and the Mouse, Walt Disney carried a tragedy with him that he refused to speak about even with his family members. When Walt was growing up, his parents (that’s Walt and his mom in [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Orson Welles

You know Orson Welles was one of the most revered actors and directors of the 20th century, but how much do you know about his sketchy big break or his deft efforts to make rabbits disappear? Let’s take a look at five surprising things about Welles. 1. He Knew How to Fib Welles got his first [...]

Free Wheelchairs for the Poor

Ten years ago, Don Schoendorfer went on a trip to India that changed his life. He wasn’t touched by the culture’s ancient roots or inspired by the vibrant colors of the local scenery. Instead, he was heart-broken when he saw a disabled woman dragging herself through the dirt. Immediately upon returning home, Don made it his [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About John DeLorean

© Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS For anyone under 30, the name “DeLorean” conjures images of the time machine from Back to the Future. The famous car bore the surname of John DeLorean, a 1960s Detroit legend who later became something of an auto industry goat. Let’s take a look at five things you may not know about the [...]