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10 Legendary Monsters of Europe

There are monsters all around us -or at least the legends of monsters. Last week we saw some of the monsters of Asia. Now here are some of the scariest monsters of Europe. 1. Kelpie The Kelpie lives in the lakes and rivers of Scotland, and is often referred to as a “water horse” because it is [...]

The Warsaw Basilisk

The ancient legendary creature called the basilisk was feared in Europe and North Africa. It was a combination snake,rooster, bat, and sometimes other animals, that was born from an egg laid by a rooster and incubated by a toad. And it was so venomous, birds flying over it would die! Pliny the Elder wrote about [...]

O (Omicron)

(vimeo link) O (Omicron) is an art installation by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié. Through the magic of projection, Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) in Warsaw, Poland is turned into a piece of performance art. Watch and imagine you are in the spaceship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (or your favorite sci-fi craft). You can [...]

5 Questions: Pole Line

Even if you’ve never been to Warsaw, you can enjoy today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: Pole Line

New Dwarf Planets Found

It’s amazing that we are still finding objects in the solar system that are circling the sun. While not a full blown planet, these new objects fall under what is considered a “Dwarf Planet” the status that was bestowed upon Pluto a few years ago. Using the Warsaw Telescope at Chile’s Las Campanas Observatory, researchers found [...]

The Narrowest House

How do you turn a small space into a huge cash cow? Fill it with the most claustrophobic living quarters imaginable, call its lack of width a feature, then rent it out to artists as a lining/workspace. That’s just what architect Jakub Szczesny and team are doing with the skinny space between an old tenement block [...]

Link Latte 160

#160 – Week of June 27, 2011 Mobius Ship Twists Upon Itself – [fascinating art]Incredible Treehouse Hotel – [Sweden, oh yeah]Extinction Crater & Impact – [cool info]Stunning Landscape Photography, more – [wow nature]Some Wicked 3D Vehicles – [concept art]World Map of Languages, color key – [interesting]Platypelodon: The Strangest, info – [dinosaur art]Paris in 26 GigaPixels – [...]

9 Child Prodigies (Who Actually Ended Up Doing Something)

Four-year-old Australian Aelita Andre is the talk of the international art world. She sold one painting for $24,000, and her work is currently on display at the Agora Gallery in New York. Perhaps a few decades from now, she’ll earn a spot on this list, which we first published in 2009. By Rick Chillot Being a child [...]

Link Latte 152

#152 – Week of February 28, 2011 A Monster Sun Prominence: NASA Video – [spectacular]Star Fields Turning (watch in HD) – [wow video]Fantastically Detailed Plasticine Army – [wow art]Abstract Maps of the River Systems – [subway maps?]The Ruined City: WW2 Warsaw Reconstruction – [wow video]Sad Documentary: Post-War Germany – [long video]A Personal Semi-Submarine – [cool concept]Cool [...]

Artist Got Grant Money for "Invisible" Art

What’s better than getting taxpayer-funded grant money for an art show? Getting that money for an invisible painting! Polish artist Agnieszka Kurant got the Arts Council England grant for a show that included “a painting that hasn’t been painted yet”. Warsaw-based Kurant’s Snow Black exhibition also had “an invisible sculpture” and “a movie shot with no film [...]