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The Oatmeal on Internet Speed

The Oatmeal just gets me. I couldn’t agree more. Warning - Second Half NSFW - Language Link | Via Daily of The Day

Helicopter Rescue

Warning NSFW – Strong Language A two man Robinson R-22 helicopter was passing by a group of large houses when the crew sees a kid flying a small toy plane. When the plane crashes in the tree tops, the guys decide to perform a daring rescue of the P51 Mustang. Pretty great. -Via Orange

Is It Really Illegal to Remove Your Mattress Tag?

Spoiler Alert: It is not. But here’s why that warning is on there in the first place. At some point, most of us have heard that we’re not supposed to remove the tags from our mattresses, under penalty of law. Most of the tags even say something like “It is unlawful to remove this tag!” The [...]

I Guess Those Helmets Aren’t Blaster Proof After All

This grisly act of cosplay should serve as a warning against fighting for the Dark Side – don’t join up if you value your good looks. I’ve seen zombie stormtroopers before, but this one takes the cake and utilizes anatomy and backstory to maximum gory effect. If you see this guy wandering around, don’t point at him [...]

Perfect Posters For Walter Bishop

Fringe scientist Walter Bishop might just be one of the most dangerous scientists on TV. Fortunately, these great warning signs should help let people know just what they’re up against when entering the doctor’s lab. Link Via io9

Beanie Baby Hunger Games

(YouTube link) Warning: probably contains spoilers, I don’t know. The Hunger Games, performed by Beanie Babies. -via Buzzfeed  

Family Reunion Dinner

(YouTube link) Warning: This Chinese New Year video might cause you to run for your hankie. From Bernas, a rice distribution company. -via The Daily What

13 Bizarre Animal Warning Signs

It’s Friday the 13th! Be afraid… especially of the following 13 animal warning signs. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Have you seen a strange animal warning sign we left off the list? Let us know what it said! It’s rough out there for us humans… take care! (source:

Cyber Monday Sale! 30% Off Everything! Only 6 Hours!

(This is your one-hour warning. Start filling up those shopping carts!) * Offer expires today at 4pm Eastern Time. Not valid with clearance, magazine subscriptions, package deals, previously ordered items, in combination with other coupon codes, or online gift certificates. Mental Floss, Inc. reserves the right to change or cancel this coupon at any time without [...]

All Of Harry Potter Re-Enacted By Cats

(YouTube link) Warning: May contain spoilers. It only takes these cats a minute to run through all the Harry Potter movies. I think they skipped some plot points, but what do I know… I haven’t seen any of the films. -via Buzzfeed