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Comic Convention Warning Signs

Comic Con in San Diego is this weekend! Here are some warning signs they should use to make your visit safer and easier, from College Humor. Link


Are you afraid of being away from your mobile phone? You may have (dun dun dun!) Nomophobia: It’s called Nomophobia, as in "No mobile phone phobia," and 66 percent of the people surveyed [...]

Perfect Posters For Walter Bishop

Fringe scientist Walter Bishop might just be one of the most dangerous scientists on TV. Fortunately, these great warning signs should help let people know just what they’re up against when entering the doctor’s lab. Link Via io9

13 Bizarre Animal Warning Signs

It’s Friday the 13th! Be afraid… especially of the following 13 animal warning signs. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Have you seen a strange animal warning sign we left off the list? Let us know what it said! It’s rough out there for us humans… take care! (source: