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Shark Fin Ice Tray

Shark Fin Ice Tray – $7.95 Are you hunting for a frighteningly fun way to keep your drink cool? You need the Shark Fin Ice Tray from the NeatoShop. These floating dorsal fin ice cubes are a great way to attack the warm weather.    Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Ice Tray fun! Link

Did The Oldest Settlers in North America Live in Texas?

Warm weather, steaks as big as an elephant’s ear and big hair. What’s not to like about Texas? Apparently, that’s what pre-historic men also must’ve thought as they settled in North America: “At the Debra L. Friedkin site, Texas, we have found evidence of an early human occupation… 2,500 years older than Clovis,” said Dr. Waters. [...]