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5 Things You Didn’t Know About U.S. Army Special Forces

Getty Images This year marks the 60th anniversary of U.S. Army Special Forces, sometimes called the “Green Berets.” In hot spots around the globe, they’re often the first in and the last out. Experts in direct action and masters of unconventional warfare, Special Forces soldiers infiltrate foreign countries, provide humanitarian aid, raise armies, and train them [...]

The military and monsters

Nick Redfern explores some rather unusual psychological warfare tactics by the US military in the 1950s. How do you terrify your enemies ? Start sprea…

Arsenal For House Cleaning

Everyone who’s done it knows that cleaning is a lot like warfare (and if you have children, it’s always a losing battle). Hugo Tornelo and Pedro Alegria of Cabracega have just the weapon for your next house cleaning adventure: “Make Household Not War,” a conceptual design of broom, dust pan and feather duster shaped like [...]