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Kid President Grills Pendleton Ward

(YouTube Link) Kid President asks Pendleton Ward, creator of the animated series Adventure Time, some tough questions about his beard, childhood and friendship. This video made me wish we could have a kid in the white house for a day just so they can make lots of prank phone calls and hilarious speeches! –via Cartoon Brew

Rebecca Ward’s Tape Art

Lots of people love playing with tape, but Rebecca Ward has elevated sticking-tape-on things into an artform. Take a look at her geometric installation, featured over at My Modern Met: The tape artist redefines the space she’s working in with [...]

Video Game Themed Restaurant Will Serve Delicious Brain Cakes

This is not the sort of place you’ll want to take your grandma for lunch, this is the Capcom Bar, a themed restaurant which will feature food and desserts styled after video games. Video games and food-two great things that go great together! So, there’s Resident Evil brain cakes, Monster Hunter well done meat, and Phoenix [...]

Three More Coaches Who Lied About Their History

By now, you’ve probably heard the story of Yale football coach Tom Williams, who resigned this week for lying on his resume. He claimed to have been a Rhodes scholar candidate, and was even cited as a finalist during several stories about quarterback Patrick Witt’s Rhodes application. However, a New York Times investigation revealed that, [...]

5 Questions: Trivia a’ Ward

Today’s 5 Questions quiz challenges you to win the Trivia a’ Ward

The Death Star: A Pentagon Purchasing Nightmare

Air Force Lt. Col. Dan Ward did a cost/benefit analysis of a fictional project for the Pentagon’s in-house publication Defense AT&L Magazine. It’s a cautionary tale about the Empire’s Death Star. The Empire’s answer to Ash Carter should have seen it coming. It’s embarrassing enough that the galaxy’s supposedly most fearsome weapon was felled by crappy [...]

Great Moments in Presidential Debt

Properly managing one’s finances seems like it should be a prerequisite for running a country. But these U.S. leaders could have used more dead presidents in their wallets. HARRY TRUMAN -THE BUCK STOPPED THERE Prior to becoming president, Harry Truman’s ventures in private business earned him more trouble than profit. He lost several thousand dollars investing in [...]

Woman Gets Full-Back Twilight Tattoo

After Cathy Ward, 49, lost 70 pounds and dropped 14 dress sizes in six months, she decided to get a permanent reminder of the her inspiration: the Twilight series of books and movies. Ward spent 22 hours and $3000 to tattoo her favorite characters on her back. But the supermarket worker from Reading, England isn’t [...]

Woman in Coffin Found to be Alive

Doctors in Ipatinga, Brazil declared 88-year-old Maria das Dores dead when they found no vital signs. She was transferred from the hospital to a funeral home, where an official looked into her coffin and found her moving! Ms. Dores was immediately sent back to the hospital. Custodia Amancio, daughter of the resuscitated Brazilian woman, said: “We [...]