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Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson

(YouTube link) Look at those moves! This walrus has earned a whole bucket of fish. The information at YouTube is in Russian, and gives no indication of where this was recorded, but if you can translate the back of one employee’s t-shirt, you may be able to tell us. -via Buzzfeed

Baby Polar Bear Plays With Bucket

Remember the walrus and his stolen bucket? Well, Lolrus (actually, not a walrus but a really fat seal) may have kicked the bucket, but we’re glad to report that a baby Polar bear at Aalborg Zoo in Denmark has now picked up the meme. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Have You Seen [...]

Vanessa Dualib’s Food Art

Food artist Vanessa Dualib makes clever sculptures with minimal changes to the objects themselves. You can view many examples at the link, such as the above “Fridge Veggie Walrus.” Link via Geekosystem