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Bodies in Urban Spaces: The Human Sculpture Tour

Though this performance happened two years ago, it’s still extremely interesting to look at. Choreographed by Willi Dorner, “Bodies in Urban Space” consisted of multiple performers finding spaces throughout the Financial District in lower Manhattan to fit into and fill in. The Wall Street Journal has many more pictures. Link via Absolutely Madness | Photographer: Bryan [...]

Texting While Parenting

If you think that texting while driving is bad, here’s a new danger for you: texting while parenting. Ben Worthen of The Wall Street Journal explains the perils of texting while you’re supposed to be watching your kids: One sunny July afternoon [...]

The Virtual IKEA

The oh-so-sleek-and-modern IKEA kitchen you’ve been coveting may turn out to be just a fantasy. That’s because the Swedish furniture giant is using virtual 3-D digital imaging rather than studio photography to produce its [...]

A Woman’s Life, As Told Through Scientific Studies

Strange how research that should make us feel better about ourselves tends to make us just feel weird. Buzzfeed put together a list of research projects about women’s health that affects different stages of one’s life, with links to more about each project. My favorite: Women who have one or two drinks a day in the [...]

Digg Sold

Once upon a time, the news aggregator site Digg was valued at $160 million. Yesterday, Digg confirmed that the site has been sold to Betaworks for $500,000. Some say the decline of Digg can be traced to the rise of Facebook and Twitter, while others blame mismanagement and a switch to support of sponsors over [...]

Watercross: Racing Snowmobiles on Water

Photo: Joe Barrett/Wall Street Journal What, you think that snowmobiles only go on snow? Joe Barrett of The Wall Street Journal explores the sport of watercross, where participants race snowmobiles on water: Most people think [...]

Scientific Formula for Tearjerker Songs

Why do some songs – take Adele’s hit pop song Someone Like You, for example – bring us to tears? Science came up with the formula why certain songs can induce strong emotions in [...]

Liu Bolin’s Camouflage Art

Photo Credit: Associated Press Chinese artist Lui Bolin has a unique approach to his art–instead of standing out, he tries his best not to be seen and to blend in. We’ve featured his amazing work before and couldn’t resist this photo from his newest installation. It’s called “Plasticizer.” Hard not to admire his ingenuity. Featured on the [...]

Making a 21st-Century Hamburger

Modernist Cuisine is a six-volume set of cookbooks that goes on sale today. The $625 set isn’t for those of us who use a microwave for most meals. This cookbook looks into the science of cooking and the ultimate methods of getting to the ultimate results. For example, this hamburger take a total of 30 [...]

Bill Gates Wall Street Journal Ad

Thought that vintage Steve Jobs TV appearance was a charming reminder of simpler times? Check out his opposite number Bill Gates, posing with a floppy disk in this Wall Street Journal ad. An endearing, and remarkably prescient, snapshot of the early days of the partnership between computers and print media. via Advertising Lab