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Mammoth to be reborn within four years ?

A breakthrough in cloning technology could see a live mammoth being born within just four years. In 2008 Dr. Teruhiko Wakayama was able to clone a mou…

Two Monkeys Become Train Station Masters

Two baby monkeys named Nehime and Rakan were appointed station masters at a train station in Hyoto prefecture, Japan: The monkeys, aged seven months and three months, were dressed in blue uniforms made from traditional local fabrics complete with mini hats before being formally appointed station masters and “special city residents” by the local mayor.[...] It is [...]

Five Animals Who Like To Dress It Up And One Who Likes Being Naked

Most animals don’t like being dressed up in human clothes, but we love to make them do it anyway –after all, it is absolutely adorable. Of course, some animals love it. My own dog seems to get a little strut in his step when he wears one of his cute little tee shirts –he isn’t [...]