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The Missing Links: The Election As A Graphic Novel

Susan B. Anthony Voted 140 Years and 1 Day Ago And after she did so, she was arrested. Go vote. * Second Place Is First Loser How do you get over losing a Presidential election? Walter Moldale, Michael Dukakis and Bob Dole offer their personal experiences on shaking off the defeat. * The 2012 Presidential [...]

10 Public Figures Who Choose Not to Vote

We’re not telling you not to vote. We’re just saying that these 10 people won’t be (or didn’t). 1. Nate Silver When “Poblano” began publishing his 2008 presidential election predictions and analyses on Daily Kos in 2007, people paid attention. Then “Poblano” moved to his own blog,, where he later revealed he was really Nate Silver, [...]

Town of ‘Dull’ to be linked with ‘Boring’

Two towns with less than exciting names are set to be formally linked following a vote later today. The small town of Dull in Scotland has a populatio…

Rate My Rat: The Photo Contest for New York City Subway Rats

Hot or not? Cast your vote! A union of subway workers in New York City found an ingenious way of drawing attention to the rat problem that its members have to deal with every day. It’s holding a contest that encourages people to submit photos of rats found in the tunnels and rate them on [...]

Dixville Notch: The New Hampshire Town That Votes at Midnight

HU GUANGYAO/Xinhua/Landov Dixville Notch, NH, is a tiny unincorporated township of about 75 residents situated at the foot of the scenic White Mountains and home to The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. But the village’s claim to fame is the legendary midnight vote, which often earns it “first vote in the nation” bragging rights. So, how did [...]

Grammar Blogs is holding a contest to determine the Best Grammar Blog of 2011. How many grammar blogs could there be? More than you think …there are 75 different blogs in the running! Although you shouldn’t vote for blogs you haven’t visited, there are links for each entered grammar blog so you can check them out. [...]

Suffragette Surveillance

One hundred years ago, women in Britain who wanted to vote were considered terrorists. Many were jailed, and although Scotland Yard wanted to record them in photographs, the women refused to cooperate. So in 1912, officials purchased a camera and hired a paparazzi-style photographer to shoot the inmates from a distance. BBC news explained how [...]

Scotch Tape Sculptures

Every year, the company behind Scotch brand plastic tape holds a contest which invites people to create sculptures out of their product. Pictured above is one leading entry called “The Big One”. You can see this and other high-ranked entries and vote for your favorites at the link. Link via Make

Cha Cha vs. Kavacha for King of the Jungle

(YouTube link) Even the race for King of the Jungle is getting nasty this year. Watch as Blank Park Zoo’s Kavacha the tiger slings some mud at Cha Cha the lion and his frivolous dance lessons. Cast your vote at the Iowa’s zoo’s website -but vote on the issues, and don’t be swayed by negative advertising! [...]

Caption Contest No. 17 Finalists!

We had a hard time narrowing all your amazing captions down to 10, so… we went with 14 finalists. Remember now, only one vote per person. May the best horse win… View Poll