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Newspaper: America’s Fastest Shrinking Industry

Are you working for the fastest shrinking industry in the United States? You are, if you’re working for a newspaper according to this study by LinkedIn and the Council of Economic Advisors. The fastest-growing industries include renewables (+49.2%), internet [...]

Hacked TV Remote Control Auto-Mutes Snooki

Matt Richardson has developed a deep loathing for certain celebrities and hates to hear them speak in any context. So he’s hacked his TV remote to automatically mute the volume whenever certain words appear in the closed captioning system: Richardson combined a couple of Arduino circuit boards with an infrared LED light — that little red [...]

A Dog With An Inside Voice

While you may not be able to understand exactly what they are saying, it’s pretty easy to see they are commands regarding his voice volume. Video link

Speakers that Change Shape with the Volume

Carson Leong designed computer speakers that bellow out as the volume increases: To turn the volume down, simple squeeze the skin to the desired volume. This creates a more tactile and visual experience for the user, where functions do not have to be operated by simply pressing buttons. Link via DVICE | Designer’s Website