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Lighting a Menorah Rube Goldberg-Style

(Video Link) Technion is what blogger David Bernstein calls “Israel’s MIT.” You might light a menorah with a match. But engineers are…different. Eyal Cohen, Tomer Wassermann, Matan Orian and Dvir Dukhan of Technion created this delightfully absurd method. -via Volokh Conspiracy

Homeowners Foreclose on Bank

Warren and Maureen Nyerges of Collier County, Florida, didn’t owe a single cent on their house, but that didn’t stop Bank of America from trying to foreclose on it. The Nyerges fought it in court, and won. The court ordered Bank of America to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees, which they didn’t. So the [...]

Blank Peer Reviewed Journal Article

Dennis Upper had trouble finding content to write about for his article on writer’s block. You can view a larger image at the link. Be sure to read the comments by his first reviewer. Link via Volokh Conspiracy

Did "Trial by Ordeal" Actually Work?

A man is accused of a crime. Is he guilty? Stick his hand in a pot of boiling water. If he is unharmed, God has proclaimed his innocence and protected him. If the suspect is burned, he’s guilty and can be punished (further). This is the basic premise of the legal tradition of trial by [...]

Map of the Most Remote Places on Earth

This map by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy is an attempt to demonstrate what areas of the world are comparatively accessible by land and water travel. The cartographers concluded that much of the world commonly thought of as inaccessible is not: The maps are based on a model which calculated how long [...]