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11 Things You May Not Know About John Lennon

Getty Images John Lennon was the leader and founding member of The Beatles. Let’s take a look at a few facts you might not have known about him. 1. He was a choir boy and a Boy Scout. Yes, John Lennon, the great rock ‘n’ roll rebel and iconoclast, was once a choir boy and a Boy Scout. John [...]

The Missing Links: Death By Excitement

One Summer Film That’s Sure to Flop This compilation of insane belly flops will have your stomach hurting with laughter – and aching with empathy. * And One Summer Film That Definitely Won’t The Dark Knight Rises is only a few days away. And when you finally do see it, you’ll no doubt be left thinking, “This is awesome. [...]

The Voices Behind 6 Classic Cereal Mascots

Their faces aren’t as famous as those on the boxes, but odds are you’ve heard each of these beloved cereal mascots’ voices somewhere else. 1. Paul Frees Paul Frees was one of the most sought-after voiceover actors in his time. He recorded Boris Badenov in “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” but he’s probably more well-known for his commercial work: [...]

19 Amazing Facts About Stuff We Saw at Toys R Us

Over on Instagram, we’ve been taking pictures of things and offering up slightly amusing facts about them. So far we’ve toured a grocery store and public library. Next up: Toys R Us! For our latest field trip, I dragged along my three-year-old daughter Charlotte. She was paid in coloring books and a Bubble Guppies DVD. This [...]

This 14 Year Old Has A Great Voice For Movie Trailers

(YouTube Link) 14 year old Jake Foushee wants to become a professional voice actor, and from the look of things this kid is going straight to the top. Watch as he nails that classic movie trailer voice without having to change his normal speaking voice that much, and hit the link below to see him doing an [...]

Voice Actors Take Center Stage In New Documentary

(YouTube Link)  I Know That Voice is not only the name of this documentary, which focuses on some of the most popular voice actors working today, it’s also what you’ll be saying the entire time you watch the trailer! Finally, those who give our favorite animated characters a voice will get their day in the sun, and [...]

How to Write Like a Scientist

Here at Neatorama, we try to link to the original work whenever possible. For science stories, this is sometimes impossible because original science research papers are often unreadable. It makes more sense to link to an explanation written by a science journalist who deciphers the science and writes in a way the rest of us [...]

Batman And Robin-The Musical

(YouTube Link) Somehow I doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s singing voice sounds as good as the guy singing in this comedic spoof, but then again I can barely understand Arnold when he’s actually trying to enunciate every word, so I guess a vocal stand-in was necessary. Batman and Robin- The Musical definitely would have been a bigger hit [...]

A Telephone Explains the Meaning of Life

Reporter Joshua Topolsky at This is My Next decided to ask the new iPhone’s voice assistant some unusual questions. While my favorite is the (creepily helpful) response to Topolsky’s statement “I need to hide a body,” I thought I’d show you a few of the responses offered by a smartphone regarding the meaning of [...]

Crónicas de Héroes

Shown above is the voice of an everyday hero from Juárez, a city suffering from violence propelled by the Mexican Drug War. From MIT’s Center for Civic Media, Crónicas de Héroes attempts to bring optimism to cities by sharing the stories of everyday people who do good. It’s a bit reminiscent of foursquare in it’s [...]