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“Peter and the Wolf,” 1946

Remember that animated, professionally narrated version of Peter and the Wolf you saw as a kid? Sure you do — somewhere in the depths of your memory, you’ll probably remember this fifteen-minute Disney short from 1946. It’s odd to think now that this came out just a decade after Prokofiev’s original composition in [...]

Religious Icon Macrame Art

St. Nicholas the Miracle-Maker by Denshchikov Vladimir (Images: Art Hit Gallery) This ain’t your grandma’s macrame! Ukrainian artist Vladimir Denshchikov turned the knotting craft into epic works of religious art: Only the faces and [...]

Cross-Legged Chair

The Cross-Legged Chair by Vladimir Tsesler sure has nice legs! Via Design Milk

Fountain of youth pill within 2 years ?

A Russian scientist claims to have developed an eternal youth pill that will be available within 2 years. Professor Vladimir Skulachev says that he’s …

5 Things You Don’t Know About Vladimir Nabokov

You may know him as the author of such masterpieces as Lolita, Pale Fire, and Pnin, but how well do you know Vladimir Nabokov? Here are five things you might not have known about the man who described himself by saying, “I am an American author, born in Russia, educated in England, where I studied [...]