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11 Languages Spoken by 11 People or Fewer

Vladimir Korostyshevskiy / 1. Ho-Chunk is the language of the Hocák Nation, more commonly known as the Winnebago tribe of Wisconsin and Nebraska. In 2004, there were only 11 living fluent speakers of Ho-Chunk, all of whom also use English. 2. In the jungles of Suriname lives a nearly extinct population of people known as [...]

Wild DIY Waterpark

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Wild DIY Waterpark Meanwhile in Hungary… these guys are enjoying summer full tilt, or rather full escavator’s bucket! Well, sure, if you have access to some construction machinery, why not use it for fun and benefit of your friends? - Link Today’s pictures & links: Monster Lobster! It came from Outer Space… (image credit: Sameli [...]