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The Late Movies: Autumn

We’ve about completed the first week of autumn, and it’s been wonderful so far. Here’s some music to celebrate the season. Autumn Vivaldi’s Autumn, from the Four Seasons, set to appropriate photographs. * Autumn By Scottish singer Paolo Nutini. * Autumn By the Edgar Winter Group. * Autumn Leaves This version is sung by Doris Day. * Forever [...]

NSFW Reviews of Classical Music

Leave it to Vice Magazine to dirty up what is otherwise the most straight-laced and coma-inducing genre of writing imaginable: reviews of classical music albums. But just because Vice has a potty mouth doesn’t mean they don’t take the music seriously, which makes for some seriously interesting reading, even for people who aren’t flipping out [...]

Link Latte 123

#123 – Week of November 15, 2009 The Stone Forest… this is something else – [awesome pics]Very entertaining infographic about coffee – [cool info]“Oasis Of The Seas”, the biggest ship, is completed, video and pics – [wow]Half Car, Half Bike, is Really Bizarre – [wow auto]Living Room Decorated Inside a PC – [crazy PC mod]Divers Wrestling [...]

Mind-Blowing Accordion Performance – Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” Performed Solo

This bit of musical virtuosity blew my mind, and I urge you to spend two minutes watching and listening. In the video below, 26-year-old Ukrainian Aleksandr Hrustevich plays a Bayan “Jupiter-Lux,” a sort of mega-accordion with the capacity (in the right hands) to stand in for an entire orchestra (in this case, he’s playing parts [...]