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Men and Women See the World Differently, and Not Just Figuratively

A new study of vision differences between genders suggests that, whether mena and women have a different worldview or not, they definitely see the world differently. Guys’ eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects, while women are more perceptive to color changes, according to a new vision study that suggests men and women actually [...]

Surgery Turns Woman’s Eye into a Telescope

Doris Ekblad-Olson, 82, of Colorado is the first person to receive CentraSight, an experimental optical implant: Ekblad-Olson suffers from “wet” macular degeneration, an end-stage form of the common, chronic disease, where blood vessels are leaking and destroying central vision. “I can’t see the faces of the people across the table from me,” she said. “I can’t see [...]

Woman with ’superhuman’ sight discovered

Scientists believe that some people are able to see up to 100 times the range of colours most of us can. Due to the subjective nature of vision it is …

Celebrity Faces Illusion

(YouTube link) Weird things happen to your peripheral vision when there are different images on each side. Keep your eyes on the center cross and be prepared to freak out at what these celebrities look like. Vision problems may interfere with the illusion. -via Boing Boing

The Underappreciated Genius of Stan Winston

Movie producers and directors have vision. Art directors and designers have ideas. And then there are people who are charged with getting these things done behind the scenes, on time and under budget. Special effects master Stan Winston is one who figures out how to make the ideas work, such as Edward cutting shrubs with [...]

New radar could give soldiers x-ray vision

MIT students are devising a way to give humans x-ray vision using a series of signal amplifiers. Although still in its infancy, it is hoped that this …

Who Cleans Up After Seeing Eye Dogs?

Dog turds are stealth weapons. People with 20/20 vision often fail to notice them until they appear hours later, on the bottom of a shoe. How the heck is someone who can’t see supposed to track down and eliminate these sidewalk scourges, then? First off, not everyone who is legally blind or has a guide dog [...]

Better Facial Recognition Algorithms Through Caricatures

Since 9/11, there’s been a renewed interest in facial recognition algorithm to catch terrorists trying to slip into the country but ten years later, the system ain’t anywhere close to perfect (yes, even including Facebook’s creepy facial recognition system) Perhaps they’re going about it the wrong way, according to Ben Austen of Wired. Rather than taking [...]

The Rise of Wearable Electronics

The vision of the future in which we all wear our own personal headset based computers may be a thing of the past to some as hand-held smart phones and tablet computers seem to be the norm. However some are championing devices such as smart phone style watches. What do you think? Are we going [...]

Will man merge with machines in the future ?

As technology gets more and more sophisticated will we one day become one with machines ? From augmented vision to improved artificial limbs, as our t…