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What will space travel be like in 30 years ?

Richard Branson has weighed in on what he believes space travel will be like over the next three decades. The Virgin Galactic entrepreneur is no stran…

Are virgin births possible ?

In 1944 Emmimarie Jones believed that she had conceived a child without the involvement of a man. In one of the most famous cases of an alleged virgin…

Yo! Van Fleet

Virgin Media names all their service vehicles. According to the comments at reddit, they have Lee Van Cleef, Marlon Vando, Van Morrison, Van Diesel, Luther Van Dross, Julie Vandrews, Jeanne Claude Van Damme, Van Helsing, Humphrey GoKart, Van Solo, and International Van Of Mystery in addition to the vehicle shown. The rest of the comments  [...]

Skull Flower

Some people see the Virgin Mary, some people see maps, others see skulls in everything. (Via AnOther Mag. Photo provenance unknown – if you know the originator, please let me know so we can credit).

SpaceShipTwo makes first solo glide flight

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo has succeeded in its first solo glide flight at 45,000 feet. Richard Branson’s flagship space tourism airline is now on…