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Wub Wub Violin

Dubstep violin. How has this not been a thing until now? I mean I do love classical music (not kidding in the least) and I like dubstep- so why wouldn’t they go well together? Like bacon and peanut butter or salt and chocolate milk, just a winning combination. The artist is Lindsey Stirling and you can [...]

5 More People Who Accidentally Found a Fortune

We’ve all found something that we thought might be worth a lot of money. We have not all been fortunate enough to stumble across anything actually worth a fortune. Rob has shared some of these stories before, but here are a few more people who accidentally discovered something incredibly valuable. 1. A 500-Year-Old Pendant Taking a three-year-old [...]

“Game of Thrones” Theme Song 10 Ways

HBO’s Game of Thrones has an iconic credits sequence, featuring a theme song composed by Ramin Djawadi. It’s weirdly catchy and hummable — and it’s an easy geek test to hum this and see if other people pick up on it. I’ve collected ten cover versions of the song for your geeky enjoyment. [...]

From Tubas to Guitars, 4 Famous Stolen Musical Instruments

Sonic Youth’s Guitars Fans of the rock band Sonic Youth were shocked to see an online letter from guitarist Lee Ranaldo in July 1999 complaining that a thief had broken into the band’s truck and stolen its equipment before a gig (warning: some NSFW language). The stolen goods included everything from guitars to amps to drums, [...]

Nyan Violin

Remember Nyan Cat, the awesomeness we unleashed on all you unsuspecting web users? Well, Neatoramanaut Sarah Hubbard took it to the next level with her violin. Presenting … Nyan Violin! Thanks Sarah! [YouTube Clip]

Simulating A Stradivarius With Fungus

Sandeep Ravindran writes in Popular Science that a Swiss violin maker treated a new violin with a unique fungus. The result was that the new violin beat a Stradivarius in a listening test: A jury of experts, as well as the conference attendees, judged the tone quality of the violins, and the ultimate winner was “Opus [...]