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10 Rock Concerts Which Resulted in Bloodshed

It’s difficult to put large crowds of people together in a small area without something going wrong, but some concerts stand out for the amount of violence, injuries, and even death. This list tells about the big ones you recall, Altamont in 1969, Cincinnati in 1979, and Woodstock. Oh, the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival was [...]

The LEGO Wire

(Yahoo! link) Just like the TV show, this one comes with a warning for language and violence. -via Buzzfeed

“The Duel”-A Stop Motion LEGO Action Short

(YouTube Link) If you’ve ever wondered what a LEGO person looks like when it’s cut in half, then check out this stop motion short “The Duel”, which reveals what toys are up to when we’re not around to stop all the plastic-on-plastic violence. Can’t our toys just get along? –via Topless Robot

LEGO Captain America Kicks Some Serious Bricks

(YouTube Video) Come for the reference to popular building bricks LEGO, stay for the graphic animated violence that makes bricks fly like never before. LEGO Captain America may be the most badass incarnation of the Marvel Comics character ever created, and that’s saying a lot since he’s been kicking tail in the comics since the 40s. [...]

The Changing Definition of “Flash Mob”

When most of us think of a flash mob, it’s a big impromptu dance party, a spontaneous pillow fight or hundreds of people freezing in Grand Central Station. But lately, the media has been using the term to describe some much less enjoyable activities. Consider this headline from USA Today: “‘Flash mobs’ pose challenge to police [...]

Barbie the Sociopath

Mariel Clayton photographs dioramas of Barbie dolls in grisly scenes that juxtapose the glamor of Barbie with the savagery of her hidden violence. It’s like all this time she’s always been a female version of Dexter Morgan. Link via J-Walk Blog

Testing a robot designed to hit people

A European lab is home to an experiment in which a robot has been designed to hit people. Far from being a thing of violence however the robot is lear…

When Singing Sinatra Can Get You Killed

There was a fascinating article in the New York Times the other day about violence in the Philippines and its thriving karaoke culture — and the deadly problems that can crop up when it comes to Frank Sinatra. In fact, it’s one Sinatra song in particular that seems to be the cause of so much [...]