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Vinyl Tossing

(YouTube link) Reef Coleman, Tony Jien, Mike Jackson, Jason Richardson, and Mike Wofford of Pasadena had some fun with a stack of 400 vinyl records. These guys are pretty good. However, it’s like my philosophy on gardening: get rid of your failures, so all people see are your successes. Link

Physical Storage Vs Digital Storage

It’s amazing how the storage of music and movies and increased exponentially over the years. This diagram illustrates how far we have come from vinyl records which could hold 44 minutes of music to today’s iPods which can hold over 83 days of music. Link

Vinyl Records Purse

Do you still have piles of vinyl records you store for no reason? Here’s a cool and stylish way to re-use them: a vinyl record purse. Such things always look fashionable, I guess. Tasket Basket posted quite a few pictures of how she made this one. Link – via diygadgets From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by [...]