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The Plant That Hunts Its Prey

  Think that plants are just sitting around photosynthesizin’, think again: some plants like the parasitic dodder vine actually hunt. Consuelo De Moraes of Penn State University discovered that the parasitic plant can even sniff out its prey: Dodder is a parasite—it lives off of other plants. Instead of waiting around for a suitable host, the vine hunts one down. Conseulo De Moraes of [...]

7 Historic Hollywood Landmarks

Whether it’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater or that iconic nine letter sign, Hollywood is rife with historical landmarks. Here are seven that had a small part in making Hollywood the movie capital of the world. 1. Knickerbocker Hotel Built in 1925, the Knickerbocker is one of the oldest hotels in Hollywood, and has a storied history unlike any [...]