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The Myriad Monikers of Gotham’s Villains

Pop Chart Lab produced a huge chart that classifies the villains of Gotham City -and there have been a lot of them over the past 70 years! The picture here is just a small portion of the chart, which is for sale as a limited edition signed and numbered art print. You can zoom in [...]

Shooter Game from the Perspective of the Bad Guys

(Video Link) He’s almost indestructible. I mean, you’ve got to pour dozens of rounds into him before he dies. Then he comes back to life, over and over again. What is this monster? In this funny short film by Fatawesome, the villains try to cope with a video game in which they are expendable, but the [...]

State Champs

DeviantART member Bewheel painted a team picture of “Bobby and the He-man villains: ‘84 state champs.” An unbeatable team! Link -via @JohnCFarrier

Your Favorite Villain Strikes Back

Our favorite martian, Ray William Johnson, just put out a new music video featuring all your favorite villains. See how many you know in the funny video below.

Club Villain

See how many villains you recognize in the latest music vid by Your Favorite Martian. I have to admit I only knew about three fourths of them.