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The Oak Chapel of Allouville-Bellefosse

In the French village of Allouville-Bellefosse, an oak tree stands. No one knows for sure how old the tree is, but it is considered the oldest tree in France -botanists estimate 800 years. A fire hollowed out the tree in the late 1600s, yet it survived and sprouted leaves afterward. The people of Allouville-Bellefosse considered [...]

Snake and scorpion wine on sale

A village in Vietnam is producing bottles of wine containing cobra snakes and scorpions. The wines are being shipped worldwide and are said to be a na…

Bank Has God as Guardian, Doesn’t Lock Its Doors at Night

When you’ve got a deity as powerful as the Lord Shani, who needs locks? (I mean, according to Wikipedia, when Shani opened his eyes as a baby for the very first time, the sun went into an eclipse.) That’s what the management of the United Commercial Bank in Shani Shinganapur, Maharashtra, India, thought when they opened [...]

French village inundated with UFO tourism

The tiny French village of Bugarach has become the target of doomsday survivalists and UFO tourists. The village gained attention 10 years ago when a …

Thailand creature pictures appear online

A series of photographs showing a strange creature in a Thailand village have appeared online. The jury is still out on what exactly this is however s…

Testing Democracy

We are often told we must learn from history, and that we should learn from the experiences of others, but how often do we learn about forms of government from scientific experiments? MIT economist Benjamin Olken got the chance to run a field study on direct democracy in three Indonesian districts: one predominantly Muslim, one [...]

Man Chased by Tranquilized Bear

Authorities responded to reports of a bear seen near the village of Chorzow in Poland. A ranger shot the animal with a tranquilizer gun, but it either didn’t work or the bear was immune. Unfortunately for the rangers tasked with capturing the animal, it woke up from its apparent slumber as they came near and gave [...]

Eyam: The Village That Died to Save Its Neighbors

Eyam is a small village in Derbyshire, UK. In 1665, the bubonic plague hit its population. Rather than flee, the villagers were persuaded that they had a moral obligation to isolate themselves from the outside world in order to prevent the spread of that disease: They lined up stones to mark the village boundaries, and no [...]

model proposal Girlfriend

They say when you’re in love, it’s the small things that matter the most. But for one couple, the sentiment is literally true. Sarah Dawson proposed to partner James Moss at Babbacombe Model Village in Devon using miniature figures fashioned after the pair. Mini-me: Sarah and James survey their alter-egos at Babbacombe Model Village in Devon The 43-year-old had [...]

Haunted village "cancels Halloween"

Britain’s most haunted village has cancelled Halloween this year due to villagers being fed up of all the ghost-hunters and revellers who arrive t…