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Huge viking vessel to be shown at museum

An enormous long boat uncovered in 1996 at Roskilde is the largest Viking vessel ever discovered. Dating back over 1,000 years and measuring 118ft lon…

Viking outpost discovered in Canada

The strongest evidence yet of a Viking outpost on Baffin Island has been presented by archaeologists. It had long been suspected that the seafaring Vi…

Viking Vinyl Mask

Viking Vinyl Mask – $29.95 Looking for Halloween mask that will allow you to get in touch with your inner Norse explorer? You need the Viking Halloween Mask from the NeatoShop. This fierce mask is perfect for raiding kitchen pantries in search of hidden candy treasures. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more amazing Halloween [...]

What did the Vikings really look like ?

How true to the stereotypical Viking were the actual Nordic warriors of Scandinavian ancestry ? Vikings in films and comics are often depicted as roug…

Techno Viking Action Figure

Techno Viking, the character from a 12-year-old video, is a meme that just won’t quit. Now he’s an action figure! There’s no verifiable information, but I gather that this is one of those custom-made action figures that can look like anyone if you pay the premium price. But I don’t know who it belongs to. [...]

Viking chief’s burial ship found in Scotland

An ancient 1000-year-old Viking chieftan’s burial ship has been found on a Scottish peninsula. Situated on the remote West Coast of Scotland, Ardnamur…

Instant Viking–Just Add Yarn

Crochet whiz Cynthia Stenquist wants you to have the beard of your dreams. Its fluffy, soft, removable and doesn’t itch. You can order a customized beard (Viking hat sold separately) for Halloween or whatever–get your Viking on–a must for any pillaging you need to do around town. This popular item is a growing craze among the young [...]

Burial pit Viking had filed teeth

Archaeologists have unearthed viking remains showing signs that the teeth had grooves filed in to them. “It’s difficult to say how painful the process…

Crocheted Viking Costume

Veronica Knight made a full-length crocheted Viking costume. It served as her entry into tomorrow’s mustache and beard competition in Detroit. We ought to do something similar among Neatoramanauts, but with an original twist. Perhaps a back hair competition. Link | Competition Website

Viking Trinket Box

Viking Trinket Box – $6.95 What do you get for the person who has everything? The Viking Trinket Box from the NeatoShop, of course! The Viking Trinket box contains a hidden surprise. Nestled inside is a mystery figurine. Curious to know what it is? The NeatoShop won’t tell you. They are mean! Be sure to check out all [...]