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Colonel Meow Is A Terrible Gift-Giver

(Video Link) Colonel Meow is known for being even angier and meaner than Grumpy Cat and it’s easy to see why when you watch him exchange presents with his best friend Boots. Via Laughing Squid

Amazing Norwegian Kicker Can Put a Football Anywhere He Wants

(Video Link) Thanks to this viral video, Norwegian football player Havard Rugland has been offered the chance to tryout with the New York Jets: The video shows the 27-year-old performing some outrageous tricks and kicks, from nailing 60-yard field goals to soccer-style scissor kicks and volleys with American footballs. [...] Rugland has no prior American football experience but [...]

9 Adorable Videos of Critters Celebrating Christmas

You’ve seen pictures of critters getting ready for Christmas, but now it’s time for some video footage of animals actually celebrating the holidays. Consider it our gift to you. (Video Link) Here are red kangaroos, chimps, bears, meerkats and more enjoying a little bit of holiday enrichment treats at the Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney. (Video Link) Cats love [...]

These Chinchillas Don’t Wish You A Merry Christmas

(Video Link) Zeon and I tried to put together a special Christmas video of our chinchillas for all of you readers, but Chachi and Cinderella just weren’t having it. He barked the whole time and she suspiciously eyed the tree, ignoring the delicious papaya treats underneath.

This Little Piggy Has Met His Match

(Video Link) What happens when Hamlet the pig meets his Christmas light-up match? Adorable holiday frivolity, of course!

Merry Christmas Little Dexter

(Video Link) This little guy knows exactly where to run on Christmas morning -right to the presents filled with treats!

The Legend of Multi-screen Zelda

(Youtube Link) Link breaks out of bounds! Of course, YouTube commenters got wrapped up in arguing about Apple products, since all the objects Link travels through belongs to Apple, but that doesn’t make this video any less awesome or skilled. Even better, the people who put this video together did it all in one continuous shot! [...]

The Chihuahua Christmas Song

(Video Link) Admittedly, this song is full of stereotypes, but when they’re about a dog recognized worldwide as the Taco Bell mascot, it’s not really that bad -especially when he’s this cute.

Fruit Ninja: The Movie

(YouTube link) The latest video featuring video games brought to real life is Fruit Ninja, in a modern-day food fight to remember. It’s much easier to play on your smartphone! -via Metafilter

Your Assumptions Are Wrong

(Video Link) Richard Wiseman, whose work we’ve featured extensively at Neatorama, knows how perform slight of hand tricks and create optical illusions because, as a trained psychologist, he understands how the mind works. The room in this video changes as Wiseman strips away the assumptions that you’ve made. Wiseman’s Website -via The Presurfer