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Wall Needs Masonry/Dental Work

Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz discovers facial features in buildings and adds just a few touches to expose them. View a gallery of his recent work at the link. Link -via Colossal (where there’s a video) | Photo by the artist

Brain Tumor Survivor Has Painted Almost Every Sunrise for the Past Seven Years

One morning, after she had two pear-sized tumors removed from her brain, Debbie Wagner decided to paint the sunrise. This became a daily ritual for her — a celebration of the life that she still had. For seven years, that’s what she’s done almost every day. Wagner explains: “When I look at a sunrise, it represents [...]

Masking Tape Graffiti

Australian graffiti artist BUFFdiss works in masking tape. He’s especially fond of making giants in public places so that people look like dolls in comparison. In the links, you can find an interview with him. BUFFdiss says that using masking tape permits him greater leeway with authorities who would object to the use of more [...]