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The Doctor Who Theme on Violin

(Video Link) Granted, he couldn’t play the weird sci-fi noise at the begining of the song, but the rest of this cover is spot on.

Mathematically Optimal Potatoes

(Video Link) Mathematician Vivian Hart wishes you an operative and efficient Thanksgiving. To aid this endeavor, she offers this tutorial on how to maximize the gravy capacity of a pile of mashed potatoes. -via The Mary Sue

Amazing Mechanical Table, c.1750

(Video Link) Jean-François Oeben, a French cabinet maker, built this astonishingly complex and precisely crafted desk. It’s filled with several hidden compartments that become accessible when a key turns interior gears. Link -via Core 77

Navann’s First Bath Is A Big Success

(Video Link) It’s always easier when your little one enjoys bath time, even if he’s a six day old elephant. Via Cute Overload

Killer Whale Hunts a Swimming Dog

(Video Link) A diver off the coast of New Zealand spotted four killer whales and quickly scrambled onto the rocks for safety. A nearby Labrador Retriever was not as attentive. One whale closed in for an easy lunch…. -via Daily of the Day

It’s A Big Decision

(Video Link) “Should I munch on this one delicious piece of kibble or should I save it?” Poor little mango, she has so many hard choices in her life. Via Cute Overload

The Lord of the Ponies

(Video Link) The One Horseshoe has a terrible power and our heroes must destroy it. Join the fellowship of Applegorn, Celestiadalf, Twilegolas, Rainbowomir and others as they face down the power of Maredor. Jacob Kitts, who previously retold Star Wars with ponies, now gives The Lord of the Rings the full brony treatment. Jacob Kitts’s Website -via [...]

Someone Loves Cucumbers

(Video Link) The music is cute, but it needs to be louder and made into a remix to go along with this adorable little one’s voracious appetite. Via Cute Overload

Fluttershy Bird Choir Music Box Automaton

(Video Link) Yeeehaw! Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic premiered last night! I haven’t seen it yet. Have you? Is it as awesome as we’ve been told? In the meantime, enjoy this perfectly crafted music box/automaton by renegadecow. His previous work showed Twilight Sparkle reading. This one far suprasses that marvel. It’s a hand cranked [...]

This Dog Has Some Serious Parkour Skills

(Video Link) I don’t even think I could keep up with walking this dog. He’s just too awesome. Via I Can Has Cheezburger