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That’s Not What I Meant By "Look The Other Way"

(Video Link) The most impressive thing about this silly dog trick is that I know humans who can’t even cross their eyes. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Fireworks in Reverse

(Video Link) What do fireworks look like when you see them backwards? Simply beautiful. Julian Tay recorded the New Year’s Day fireworks display in Melbourne, Australia and reversed the image. Link -via Colossal 

Celebrate Stan Lee’s 90th Birthday by Watching All of His Marvel Movie Cameos

(Video Link)  Comic book artist Stan Lee is famous for making short appearances in films about the superheroes he made famous. Today, he turned ninety–though it’s hard to tell at the pace he keeps. Let’s mark the occasion by watching all of his film cameos. -via Tor

Colonel Meow Is A Terrible Gift-Giver

(Video Link) Colonel Meow is known for being even angier and meaner than Grumpy Cat and it’s easy to see why when you watch him exchange presents with his best friend Boots. Via Laughing Squid

This Little Piggy Has Met His Match

(Video Link) What happens when Hamlet the pig meets his Christmas light-up match? Adorable holiday frivolity, of course!

Merry Christmas Little Dexter

(Video Link) This little guy knows exactly where to run on Christmas morning -right to the presents filled with treats!

The Chihuahua Christmas Song

(Video Link) Admittedly, this song is full of stereotypes, but when they’re about a dog recognized worldwide as the Taco Bell mascot, it’s not really that bad -especially when he’s this cute.

Post Apocalypse News

It was just ten years ago that events proved the Maya correct. Every now and then we still enjoy a laugh at those who thought that the world would not end. Let’s check in with Funny or Die’s action news team to find out how the human race jas been eeking out a marginal existence [...]

These Adopted Cubs Sure Are Talkative

(Video Link) When a tiger mom abandoned her cubs at a Russian zoo, Tallim, a white Swiss Shepherd, stepped in to nurse the cubs and serve as their surrogate mother. Let’s just hope the job came with some ear plugs. Via Cute Overload

How to Light a Cigarette with a Hammer

(Video Link) This blacksmith doesn’t need a lighter. Watch him heat a metal rod by hammering it, then lighting his cigarette with it. -via Yababoon