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Fruit Ninja: The Movie

(YouTube link) The latest video featuring video games brought to real life is Fruit Ninja, in a modern-day food fight to remember. It’s much easier to play on your smartphone! -via Metafilter

A Fistful of Rupees

(Video Link) Sure there are plenty of video games that are set in the Old West, but how many westerns incorporate video games? Well here’s an awesome film that does and it really warrants a full 90 minute film. Via Geekosystem

Super Gory Mario Bros.

In the age of gory video games, good ol’ Mario just looks so … dowdy. Well, no more! Frantisek Vaclavek of Blumasters updated Super Mario Bros. by adding a little bit (okay a lot) [...]

You Too Can Finally Game With Yanni

Admit it, while you really like gaming, your real passion is new age music. While you might never get to actually play video games with Yanni himself, this great controller will at least bring you one step closer to living the dream. Link Via Kotaku

25 Delightful Video Game Paintings

BuzzFeed often has a lot of fan art creations, but this round up is even better in that they are all paintings of video games. This Sonic painting by DeviantArt user Orioto is simply amazing, as are the rest of his works in his gallery. Link