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(vimeo link) Cross classic giant monster movies like Godzilla with the internet obsession with laser-eyed cats and throw in a large dollop of video game imagery, and you get Catzilla! Who will save the city from the monster cat? Warning: dubstep soundtrack. -via Geeks Are Sexy  

Super Mario Bros. Bento Box Tutorial

(YouTube Link) Video game themed food is fun, making your own game art bento box is the funnest! This amazingly fun Super Mario Bros. inspired bento box can be yours, staring at you all cute like in your house, thanks to this fun tutorial by DeviantARTist minicuteclub. Power up Goomba! Link  –via Obvious Winner

Mr. Cat

(YouTube link) What happens when a cat becomes YouTube famous. Which is what might have been, if producer TomSka had a camera ready that one day a cat walked in while he was playing a video game. -via a comment at Metafilter

Claycat’s Hitman Absolution

(YouTube link) The trailer for the video game Hitman: Absolution is much improved by Lee Hardcastle’s clay cat animation. If the whole game had cats in it, I’d learn to play! See the original ultra-violent trailer at YouTube.  -via Uproxx

Game of Thrones House Sigils for Video Games

Geeking out with Game of Thrones sigils is always fun, even if you aren’t concerned with the Lannisters and Westeros. That’s why these video game house sigils are so great. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

The Wire: The Video Game

(College Humor link) The folks at College Humor made 16-bit video game demo out of the erstwhile TV show The Wire. Some NSFW text. -via Metafilter

I Hate Kitties

(vimeo link) What if there were an artful video game in which you could score points and advance to different levels by kicking cats? Well, there is no such game here, but instead a video that imagines one, by Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader. No cats were harmed in the making of this video. -via Everlasting [...]

Dear Peach

(YouTube link) It’s not easy being second banana. Here, Luigi sings a song to Princess Peach about his feelings of unrequited love in the shadow of his more popular brother. This almost made me tear up until I remembered it’s about a video game. -via Geekosystem

Conan Give Skyrim A 44XXXIVIV

(Video Link) Its usually pretty painful to watch someone who doesn’t know how to play a video game try to figure it out, but when the novice happens to be Conan, watching him fail suddenly becomes hilarious. Via Geekosystem

8-bit Olympics Montage

(vimeo link) If the London Games were an old-school video game, they would be …cute. Celebrate the Olympics with this 8-bit montage by Flikli. -via the A.V. Club