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Legend of Zelda: Pot Smasher

(YouTube link) Freddie Wong isn’t in the latest Freddie Wong video, but his effects are. Violinist Lindsey Stirling (previously) stars as Link, recreating the pot-smashing moves from the Legend of Zelda video game series. -via Viral Viral Videos

Kingdom Hearts Keyblades Never Used In The Series

These Keyblade designs for the Final Fantasy/Disney crossover video game series Kingdom Hearts were never used in the games for a good reason-they’re just plain sick! They definitely would have added a touch of morbid humor to the game, but I don’t think Disney would have appreciated them very much… Link

Student Builds Fully Functional Portal Turret

(YouTube Link) YouTube user kss5095 decided to get creative and show his love of video games at the same time with his final project for Advanced Mechatronics at Penn State, so he built a fully functioning turret like you’d find in the video game series Portal. The turret is so sweet that it even has a soothing [...]

Animated Short – The Big Eating

(YouTube Link) The Brood Princess is hungry, so a few industrious little aliens hit that buffet counter known as Earth to find her the perfect meal, in episode 2 of Invageddon called “The Big Eating”. This animated short delivers plenty of laughs, and the style reminds me of the video game series Alien Hominid, so it’s a [...]

Portal Space Core Robot Lands In Skyrim

(YouTube Link) Ever since Bethesda Studios released the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Toolkit, which allows users to freely modify their gaming experience, things have been getting a little weird. From tiny Nords to Frostbite Spiders that resemble a deformed Spider Man to swords lit up like light sabers, gamers have been going to town with the toolkit, [...]

Custom Elder Scrolls Daedric Sword Looks Pretty Sharp

The craftsman known as Evil FX has a very ambitious, and geeky, goal when he hits his workshop-to create a full suit costume of Daedric style armor from the Elder Scrolls video game series. Here’s how he made it: ..he is starting out with a pretty cool Daedric sword as a “test build.” The one-handed sword [...]

Real Life Skyrim Recipe For Sunlight Souffle

(YouTube Link) The world created by Bethesda Studios for their Elder Scrolls video game series is so fully realized, so full of details other game companies would have left out of such a massive project, that now people have taken to making food in real life via the recipes found in books you can read in-game. The [...]

Half Life: Origins Live Action Short

(YouTube Link) Inspired by the Half Life video game series, and the sense of wonder experienced in the opening scene as Gordon Freeman pulls into Black Mesa station, this is one of those shorts that’s interesting to watch even if you’ve never played the games. Just think of it as a deleted scene from LOST, unless [...]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-The Movie Trailer

(YouTube Link) This production of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is not a fan film, nor is this a parody trailer meant strictly for the interwebs. This is a big budget motion picture, directed by Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer, Audition) and based on the Nintendo DS game series by Capcom. Maybe the Japanese can make a decent [...]

Metal Slug In Real Life

(YouTube Link) If you’re ever walking down the street and some pixelated soldiers from the Metal Slug video game series begin to swarm, you’ll be glad that you watched this video, which shows you how to survive urban video game attacks. Gun that fires pixel bullets not included.