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Old School vs. New School

(YouTube link) The generation gap turns into war as old school video game characters invade the real world! It’s up to modern characters to save the day in the latest fantasy from Freddie Wong. -via The Daily What Geek

Video Game Themed LEGO Pixel Art By Meufer

There is something so right about pixel art being brought to life with LEGO bricks. Maybe it’s the pleasant bumpiness of the bricks, or the bold colors that make the works really pop. LEGO artist Meufer creates some bricktastic renditions of classic pixelated video game characters, and whether you see them as pieces for your wall [...]

The Ten Best Video Game Bars

Destructoid has put together a collection of the top ten video game bars just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, all of which sound like a great place for a pixelated character to catch a buzz . If you want to chat with a bunch of people you don’t know, but don’t feel like braving the [...]

Unhealthy Food Spawned By Video Games

(YouTube Link) We should all thank our lucky stars that video games aren’t considered to be “just for kids” anymore, because we don’t have to deal with an endless slew of inedible junk food products based on video game characters! Now you’d be more likely to find video game themed alcoholic beverages and energy drinks, which are [...]

Doppleganger Is Made of Pipe Cleaners

Etsy seller Oscar Robles makes excellent sculptures out of pipe cleaners, mostly video game characters, corporate mascots and figures from Greek mythology. The Pillsbury Doughboy is just kind of scary. Link -via Technabob | Previously: Pipe Cleaner Dragon

Realistic Encumberance On Video Game Characters

These fun illustrations show what video game characters would really look like when loaded down with all of their in-game loot. Next time you grab some extra potions just for the heck of it, think about what you’re doing to the poor character you’re playing! Link

The Late Movies: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

On this date in 1985, Americans were introduced to the Nintendo Entertainment System. And thank goodness! Is there another duo more synonymous with technological advancement than the Super Mario Brothers? Between their ongoing stint as video game characters, roles in movies, more merch than we could ever list, and a hilariously awful television series, the [...]

Smash Bros. Get Their Hands Dirty

Watch what happens when the Smash Bros.  take notes from Mortal Kombat on how to finish their opponents, with a FATALITY! Cute, bloody, and starring some of the most beloved video game characters of all time, this is my kind of vid! Link -via GeeksAreSexy

Post-It Notes Megaman

Looks like someone had a lot of extra multicolored Post-It Notes and a love for Megaman. What other classic video game characters should he try making with Post-It Notes? Link

The Art of the Video Game

Aled Lewis has made pixelated, video game-style versions of several classic works of art. The above piece is a mashup of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure and Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. He’s also altered works of Van Gogh, da Vinci, and Edward Hopper. They’re his contribution to an upcoming [...]