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Quick Shot: Dieselpunk Art

Link Quick Update: Great Dieselpunk Art Is there such a thing as “blimp-punk”? Well, these airships are sufficiently dark, industrial and dirty to be called such… Click to enlarge, this is fantastic and very atmospheric work “Landscapes L51″ by Gutalin! – see it in detail here. Also, don’t miss this wonderfully futuristic vision of the Gears City by [...]

Awesome Plants Vs. Zombies Cakes

These fondant delights might not be the best tasting cakes ever, but they sure look cool, like edible works of video game art. The folks at OC’s Little Kitchen have created a few different Plants Vs. Zombies inspired cakes, and some really cute cupcakes, which are stylish, sculptural delights. Link –via GeeksAreSexy

Pong Prom Lets You Play A Video Game While Dancing

Pong Prom is a video game/art project developed by Ed Keeble modeled on the 1972 video game Pong. Users were special hoodies with display panels on the front. They control the paddles by moving their partners back and forth in a slow-dancing motion: The project uses the Lilypad Arduino platform to control game play, run the [...]